Directors Message

Logistics and aviation Management is one of the fastest germinating corporate fields around the world. This is because students around the world are deflecting from mainstream jobs and careers such as engineering, law, and medicine. While there was a time when these careers were the only ones that were actually respected and paid well, this is no longer true. The corporate sector around the world is diverging into several fields that require specialized knowledge of the fields as well as requires students that are well-versed with the terminologies of the particular field. Being a graduate of LAZZARO allows students to specialize in the field of Logistics and Aviation which will help them with the necessary work experience to ensure that they succeed in the field and reach to its top within a minimum amount of time. The main skills that you learn at the institute that shall help you in performing well in the industry are time-management as well as the organizational skills. The training and motivation we impart to students, enables them to be competitive and stand shoulder to shoulder with any candidates.

We connect with you to achieve academic success and campus engagement. Our advisors, faculty, staff and student organizations are here to help you connect academically and socially with your campus community to enrich your academic and life experiences. We provide you with valuable opportunities to enhance your academic and professional growth. Through internships, mentoring and scholarship programs you gain connections and insight into real world career success. There is no better place to position yourself for a thriving career in logistics and aviation than here at Lazzaro Academy. We put employability at the heart of our curriculum through helping you find placements, work experience and voluntary opportunities across a wide variety of organizations.

The logistics and aviation industry, as you might already know, is one of the most potent industries that is constantly showing growth especially in the current times when time is the most valuable commodity that one can lay his/her hands on.

Be with us, become smart.

Best wishes for a bright future.

Joby KP